Richard Burton Races 2019

2019 saw the 37th edition of the Tata Steel Richard Burton 10k and Runtech Kevin Webber Mini Miler. There were 2497 entries with 1928 recorded finish times for the 10k run. There were a further 271 online entries for the Mini Miler plus almost as many on the day entries.

The event details for the 10k can be found here and the Mini Miler here. The MiniMiler is not a timed event so there is no leader board for this but the 10k results can be found here.

Below are some photo of the events and celebrations of the day. Starting with some landmarks the runners may well remember. Here is a link to a short video, on our FaceBook group, recalling some of the scenes from the 2019 event.

2020-10-07 22.20.56-2.jpg

The runners stream over the start line, all 2000 of them.

2019 Run for Kev.jpg

On round the circuit.

2019 circuit.jpg

and back to the finish line. Large separation as the first runners start to arrive.

2019 leader.jpg

Then the many start to arrive, some carried over the line on their legs, some just about on their legs, one in a wheelchair and one in a wheelbarrow!

2019 wheel chair.jpg
2019 wheel barrow.jpg

After the runners collect their t-shirts and Richard Burton coasters, many head to the Rugby Club for refreshments and presentations. This is just the start of the day for many who continue to celebrate on into the night. After lots of hard work organising the event some of the committee really like to let their hair down.  Anna Tobin, the "Lady on the microphone" reported "Ellie was the most inebriated out of all of us and I danced more than I did the previous years.
There was food left at the end but no drink and Michelle had her t-shirt on backwards all day". I think it was fair to say everyone had a day to remember.

2020-10-08 11.26.17.jpg