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Discover the profound impact that the Richard Burton 10K has had on our community,, where we proudly showcase the extensive range of initiatives and projects that our race supports.

The Kevin Webber Mini Miler

Foreword from Jade Edwards

Back in 2017 we decided to set up a team to run the Richard Burton 10k RUN FOR KEV.

That year our dad Kevin Webber was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer with only months to live. That day on 5th November 2017 where we all stood with our RUN FOR KEV T-Shirts on and seeing dad smile will always be a memory we will treasure, he was overwhelmed by the support but even more so when he seen the little ones all getting ready to start the Kevin Webber mini miler at the start line and seeing his name on all on all those little children’s T-shirt brought a tear to his eye. He was very humbled, and this is thanks to RUNTECH & Richard Burton10K for making this happen.

Dad was a very well thought employee of RUNTECH, and the support they have shown us during dad’s illness and passing have been amazing.

Unfortunately dad lost his fight back in May 2018 after a short battle, he was determined to the end even finishing work 3 weeks before his passing, dad was a hardworking man and loved Where he lived in our village Cwmafan and loved the community spirit, also supporting the Richard Burton 10K Running it back in his younger days and marshalling the event,  he is our hero, he left behind Our mother, 3 children 7 grandchildren who all miss him dearly.

That year we raised over £6000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, with it now rising to over £7000.

Therefore, we wanted to set up a team RUN FOR KEV, to keep dad’s memory alive and raise money to help charities and local individuals so far we have helped, Olivia Finch, Goytre Football, Maggie’s Swansea, Sponsoring Cwmafan Football Team, Mcmillan, Darts team, and the list goes on & on.


Our run started with only 45 runners and have thrived up to over 150 runners, with the famous RUN FOR KEV wheelbarrow taking part! And not forgetting SIP FOR KEV which is just after the 4k mark, and the response we have had for that have been humbling with people stopping for photos and taking a sip for dad!, we are extremely proud of what we have achieved to date and proud helping local individuals and charities and hope it continues to thrive. Dad would be so proud that we have set up this to help others, long may it continue.


RUN FOR KEV team would like to give massive thanks for support & help to the Richard Burton 10K.


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