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The Race

Welcome to the Richard Burton 10k, a thrilling and renowned race that combines a challenging course with a vibrant community spirit, inviting runners of all levels to push their limits and embrace the exhilaration of achievement.

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A visual journey

Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating journey of the Richard Burton 10k route. In this exclusive video, we invite you to experience the race from start to finish, witnessing the scenic pathways, challenging terrain, and the electrifying atmosphere that runners encounter along the way.


Embark on a virtual tour as you follow the footsteps of participants, exploring the twists and turns, the thrilling ascents and descents, and the stretches that demand sheer determination.


Enter for the 2024 race

Race Information

Date & Time:

Starting point:

3rd November 2024, 11:00am

Cwmavon Rugby Club

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Route Information

Explore the official Richard Burton 10k route like never before with our interactive Google Maps feature. Get ready to dive into the twists and turns, the scenic stretches, and the exhilarating challenges that await you on race day.

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