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The race epitomises the spirit and beauty of our famous Welsh valleys, with the heritage of the legend that is Richard Burton.

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Richard Burton

Richard Burton, a renowned actor of the 20th century, captivated audiences with his commanding presence, remarkable talent, and magnetic performances on stage and screen. Known for his deep, resonant voice and captivating stage presence, Burton left an indelible mark on the world of acting.


Beyond his illustrious career, Burton had a profound connection to his hometown of Pontrhydyfen, Wales, where the Richard Burton 10K race takes place. As a way to honour his memory and celebrate his legacy, the Richard Burton 10K was established, serving as a testament to the enduring spirit and talent of this legendary actor.


The race not only pays homage to Richard Burton but also brings together a diverse community of runners, fostering a sense of camaraderie, achievement, and shared passion. Through the Richard Burton 10K, participants are inspired to push their limits, embodying the same dedication and determination that Richard Burton exemplified throughout his life and career.

Our Timeline


It was a Sunday night in spring, 1981, and there were two cars full of young men travelling from Cwmafan, Port Talbot, to Swansea, to catch one of the latest films at the cinema. Suddenly, one of the cars tragically came off the road on Fabian Way. The crash took away the lives of three boys: Arfon David, Wayne Smith and Christopher Rees.


This tragedy resulted in family and friends organising a fun run around the streets of Cwmafan in January 1982, in remembrance of the three who lost their lives. The money that was raised was used to build a gym, for the young people of Cwmafan, on the Welfare Ground. The gym is still in use today.


In 1983, Richard Burton CBE, the famous Welsh actor, was asked if he would allow the race to be named after him. He agreed to this and, thus, the Richard Burton 10k was born. Richard’s brother, Graham Jenkins, also served on the race committee.

Support from Elizabeth Taylor


Steve Jones,

Welsh Legend


Andreas Jones,



Steve Brace,


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Ian Hamer,



The Richard Burton 10k was taken over by the current committee in 2015 and is a registered charity, proud to be a non-profit race with all monies generated going back into the community. Since 2015, participation has risen to over 2,500 entrants. This has seen over £100,000 handed out to local charities, worthy causes, community groups and organisations.


The Richard Burton 10k has also been recognised for its fundraising efforts by the committee having the honour to meet the Prince and Princess of Wales, now known as King Charles III and Queen Camilla.


This year, we are celebrating the race’s 40th anniversary and are on target to exceed all previous years in terms of participants and money raised. That's not including money raised by participants, themselves, for their own chosen charities.

Past Events

Step into the rich history and vibrant memories of the Richard Burton 10K race by exploring our captivating feed of past event blogs. Immerse yourself in the inspiring stories, triumphs, and community spirit that have defined the race over the years.

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