COVID-19 Update and further Good News

2020 saw a very successful virtual event with incredible support from runners as can be witnessed on the Facebook group for this race. We will publish the 2020 history page for this year's event very soon and if you wish to see races from past years take a look at the history section on the menu.


We very much hope to deliver a physical event with all the social interaction that normally goes with this event and are already starting to plan that event. However, should this once again not be possible we will put on an alternative virtual event. 

We still have our main sponsors, Tata Steel and Runtech, Standing by us, alongside all our other sponsors.

We are also working on a virtual presentation event for this year and will publish details here once that is finalised.

We are still awaiting delivery of this years t-shirts due to the Welsh Lock Down and will be packing those for delivery as soon as possible. We are working hard to get these to you by 21/11/20 but will keep you posted via this page and via social media. (We had said 14/11/20 but had not anticipated the Welsh Lock down when we set that target)

Stop Press 1: T-Shirts now arrived and being packed for delivery starting today (Sunday 15/11/20). 1,500 parcels to pack and address all under Covid-19 restrictions is no small challenge so please be patient and we will keep you posted on progress. 

Stop Press 2: As of today (18/11/20) all t-shirts (Plus coasters or medals) have been packed into labeled envelopes and are either now with the post office for delivery to the wider area or for the Local area (Port Talbot, Baglan, Cwmafan, etc) are with volunteers and most of these have now been posted. We would expect the vast majority of runners to have their t-shirts etc. by 25/11/20 but just in case there are any delays in the system, please wait until 27/11/20 before contacting us about any none delivery. Clearly we hope not to hear from you as that will mean you are all proud owners of this year's trophies

See the 2020 History Page for a review of the event and a picture of the t-shirts.

TATA Steel Richard Burton Virtual 10k 2020
Nov 01, 12:00 PM
Virtual Run
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sponsors please click on the Brand Logos below

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We are so very proud to continue our support of this iconic race. The events of 2020 have demonstrated how much we all need our community and support systems around us. The Tata Steel Richard Burton road race and Kevin Webber Mini-Miler has always pledged its support to community groups, grassroots charities and sports clubs in the Neath and Port Talbot region, and while the race might not look the same as before, the continuation of the virtual event, demonstrates that the committee are as special as the race namesake. Richard Burton was a trailblazer, and staunch advocate for his town, and the commitment from the race organisers that this year's event goes ahead is just what he would have wanted, we think.

All the profit raised by your virtual entry will go back to support those local organisations so badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. They have never needed your support more. Tata Steel are proud to support and look forward to seeing you all on the virtual finish line. Good luck! - Nia Singleton, Community Liaison Manager UK, Tata Steel


is a family run business that takes pride in supporting the local Community.  We feel privilege to be able to support once again the Richard Burton 10k and Kevin Webber Mini Miler, events that are very close to our hearts. The community spirit that this race generates is something that should be applauded  and supported, and knowing how much goes back to the local and wider community in Neath-Port Talbot  is inspiring.  The spirit of the race continues this year to try and raise funds for much needed causes and above all keeping the race alive in our hearts and minds .


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